My Very First Time to have long distance driving 

how was I feel like ?

emmm... quite amazing ? Normal ny

Tiring ? Yea, excruciating Tired, Freaking Tired

What else ?!

ermmm... new experiance gained !

just all, I think =P


I drove the car and my bro sat beside me

and we started journey at 5.45pm

Well, around 6pm downpour began

and I looked like " WTF ?! why you rain now but not later ?"

Well, seriously, it rained heavily and it ruined me =X

the sky turned damn dark

I hate driving at night because i can't get used to the cars' light from opposite way

especially when it had unlimited cars passed by from your opposite way

Well, my eyes are quite uncomfortable with those light

Okay, Fine, I stopped at Bentong Shell's station

and exchange with my bro

Well, i should check my eyes during the coming sem break =/




Old Picture : Tired 

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