Well, sem1 was already over, sem2 start right now

There is no sem break btw sem1 & 2

This is the most irritating part




Well, 3 months of college life

To me, this is quite diff with secondary school life

Everything has changed, everything has to learn from basic

It's fortunate to know you guys, my college coursemates 

Group 2, best group ever 



And, there is no different with you guys, my secondary school classmates =D

5es yg terbaik 





Well, I'm a 18 year-old teen

18 ain't adult yet, feel so old to become adult =P

Everything is New

Everyday has challenges 

Everyday has hopes

Maybe I've been stupid for something

Maybe one day in future ill laugh at those silly things I did, but, who cares ?


but here is the chance to be smart

Live Smart

Work Smart

Play Smart 

Remember 3C ?

Chance, Choice, Change

I have Chances to have Choices to Change



Friends always have you covered





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