wish all my family , friends , relative ,

Merry Christmas

although i know a few minutes more ,

2010 christmas will be past ~


i luv 2010 christmas !

although i still in lipis ,

no one surrounding me celebrate this festival ,

no one wear santa's shirt ,

no feeling of christmas ,

no any decoration about christmas ,

but i luv 2010 christmas very much !


i luv it , becauce

i get good results in PMR at 23/12/2010

it is enough for me to take it as my best christmas present ~



today , my 4th bro come back ~

i get my new handphone from him ~

the handphone is free of charge !

he bought it for me as my present !

W595 ! he bought me this model of phone !

although i prefer W995 ~

but he can't afford ~

anyway , thx bro for giving me this phone ^^

now , i am using this phone sms with my friend ~

haha ~

one month din sms already ...

so miss my friends ~

haha ~


my bro also bought KFC for me on the way back home ,

but he laugh at me ,

he said like that ,

hope you won't be a fatty girl after eating KFC ~

see .. my bro so bad ..

keep laughing at me >.<''

although i know i am getting more fat in this school holidays ~ xD


is the time to sleep now ..

good night everyone ~

wish you all again ,

Merry Christmas and the happy new year ^^

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